Pre-Travel Ritual

Before embarking on any out-of-town adventure, I do what I like to call 'pre-glamifying'--hair, nails, and shopping for cosmetics--in an effort to make my travels a little more stress-free. Sure, it sounds a little high maintenance, but look at it this way--by getting my hair and nails done ahead of time, that just makes two less things I need to worry about later.

The day before I left Atlanta for Ruben's week-long family camping trip in Seattle, I spent my morning at Sugarcoat, getting a mani & pedi strong enough to last through even the toughest days in the Olympic Peninsula wilderness. (Thank goodness for Shellac!)

photo 1(2).JPG
photo 2(3).JPG

Nothing like a day of pampering and a little bit of TLC!

photo 4.JPG
photo 3.JPG

What I love about this place is that it's not one of those quick in-and-out nail salons where the nail file digs into your skin your nails are being filed, and where not only your nails get clipped, but your skin as well. Sure, it's not as cheap as those other places, but it's still very affordable and and you walk out of there with outstanding nails, and with your skin still on and without any cuts. Not to mention the women who have done my nails are some of the friendliest women I've ever met!

photo 5.JPG

Have you ever gotten your nails done at Sugarcoat? Do you prefer to get regular nail polish or gel polish/Shellac?