Dinner with Thien-Y

A few weeks ago, Ruben and I went to Seattle for his annual family camping trip. Although most of my time was spent in the wilderness becoming one with nature, I had just enough time to see one of my friends, Thien-Y. Thien-Y and I go way way back, all way the back to around our first year of college. She and I were part of a trio, a Physics trio to be exact, as that's where we first met. A Physics class. It was me, Thien-Y, and Christiana. Oddly enough, we bonded over our 'intense dislike' for the subject. (No offense.) For one whole year, we sat close to the back row and complained about how hard it was and how much we didn't want to be there. There eventually came a point where we just stopped going altogether and met up on 'The Ave' for breakfast/lunch instead. How we managed to pass the class is beyond me. But I digress.

Point is, both Thien-Y and Christiana are very dear friends of mine and are definitely a couple of 'must-see' people when I'm in Seattle. While Christiana was busy the only night I could see my friends, Thien-Y, on the other hand, was available and so we met up at Pair to eat, hang out, and play catch-up. 

Thien-Y, arriving there several minutes before I did, ordered us some food and a couple of drinks. Best to get that stuff out of the way early because when I arrived, we just talked, and talked, and talked. (We're women. Don't be surprised.) And ate. And talked some more. And drank, and talked, and ate some more. One of the things that we ate was the Brisket Sliders, with horseradish creme fraiche and shallots. While it was perfect in size and the brisket was tender, the horseradish flavor was a little too intense for my liking.


And this. I can't exactly remember what this was, (I think it might have been lamb), but it definitely was my favorite part of the meal!


After dinner at Pair, we walked over to Peaks for some frozen custard. (Because all good meals end with something sweet!) Chocolate chip cookie dough frozen custard? Yes please! I find frozen custard to be a bit richer and creamer than ice cream and gelato, and that is definitely not a bad thing in the slightest. Frozen custard is relatively new, but give it a couple of years--it's going to be the next 'big thing'! Move aside, frozen yogurt, there's a new sheriff in town!


What do you think, is frozen custard the next 'big thing'?

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