Simplicity at its Finest

Although it's well into 2013, I still keep my copy of Atlanta Magazine's 'Eat Cheap' issue from 2012, with the intention and goal of eating at every single 'Eat Cheap' place listed in that issue. I think it's always a good idea to switch up the fine dining and non-fine dining eatery when eating out--not only is it better for your wallet, but sometimes the best places to eat don't always involve a five course meal at a five star restaurant. When my latest burger craving hit me, I referred to my 'Eat Cheap' issue for a few recommendations and headed to Kaleidoscope Bistro Pub to give their burgers a try.

So what is it about the Kaleidoscope Burger that puts it on par with Kevin Rathbun Steak's burgers? Could it be because it won Atlanta's first Battle of the Burgers in 2010? Or the simplicity and high quality of the ingredients? Or both?


I mean look at it. All it is is pimento cheese, slaw, green tomato chow chow, bread and butter pickles, and hamburger, of course. Pretty simple for a burger if you ask me. None of that fancy blue cheese, or caramelized onions, or foie gras like you would find at Flip Burger Boutique. But with simplicity, and a little tender loving care comes perfection, and I think the Kaleidoscope Burger does just that.


Have you ever eaten at Kaleidoscope Bistro Pub? What do you like to order?

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