An Afternoon Swim ft. Have Faith Swimgerie

Despite all the recent weather forecasts of rain and thunderstorms, Mother Nature was kind enough to give us a few hours of sun--in other words, enough time for an afternoon swim. So I threw on my bikini, grabbed my man and my dog, and headed over to the pool.


I bought this bikini from Have Faith Swimgerie several months ago, out of fear that it would sell out before summer started. (And it did, but has recently been restocked!) This swimsuit style isn't exactly what I'd call in my comfort zone--I've never owned a bikini with a Brazilian scrunch butt bottom, nor have I ever owned a bandeau top this revealing. But it was that very reason as to why I was so drawn to it in the first place. Not only is it really edgy and sexy, but it's also completely customizable, where the bottom straps can be arranged however you want and the top can be worn two ways.

When I first got into the pool, I was a little worried about having a wardrobe malfunction, (I mean, look at it!), but to my surprise, the bikini stayed on the entire time! Ruben and I swam around, did handstands, raced from one end of the pool to the other, and pretended like we were performers on Cirque du Soleil or Le Reve. (What can I say, we are kids at heart!) We even gave Snack Pack his first swimming lesson! Definitely one of my go-to bikinis for the summer.