The Doughssant Craze

What do you call a pastry that's half doughnut and half croissant? Why, a 'doughssant' of course! I suppose you could also call it a 'cronut', but at The Cake Hag here in Atlanta, they call them doughssants.

The original 'cronut' was actually created in New York by chef Dominique Ansel, and they're so popular that people start lining up at 5 AM--three hours before the shop even opens. At The Cake Hag, you get to order them online. (No waiting in line required.) But because they only make 150 of them once a week on Tuesdays, they sell out unbelievably quickly. It took me three weeks and three tries to secure myself a dozen of these delectable treats.


When I placed my order there were two doughssant options: Caramel Bacon (pictured above) & Brandied Peach (pictured below), and both were stuffed with Madagascar vanilla bean cream. I just had to order both of them. I mean, how could you not?

Over the course of one day, and I repeat ONE DAY, Ruben and I ate all 12 of the doughssants. I am not kidding you with this. I ate eight of them, and Ruben ate four. YES, they were that good. This may be one of the best culinary inventions since...ever!


Now, these bad boys don't come cheap--they're $30 a dozen! But in my opinion, they're worth EVERY. SINGLE. PENNY.

Have you ever tried a 'doughssant' or 'cronut'?  

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