Beach Bags on my Mind

With temperatures rising and summer just around the corner, there's nothing more I would rather do than to go swimming at the beach to cool off. Sure, the closest beach to me is four and a half hours away, but that doesn't mean I can't take a nice long drive to the coastline, or maybe take a trip to Six Flags White Water or even to the swimming pool downstairs. Either way, having a beach bag is probably the best way to stay organized when embarking on one of these little adventures.

When it comes to finding a beach bag, the only thing that I really look for is that it has enough space to fit two beach towels, (one for me and one for Ruben), as well as my other beach bag essentials--coverup, sunscreen, flip flops, etc.

With that said, here are a few cute options that fit the criteria. Which one do you think I should get?