An Asian Fusion Sampling Event

What do you do when you put five bloggers together in an Asian fusion restaurant with free food? Why, eat, sweat, and be merry, of course! At least that's how it went last night, when Tin Drum Asia Cafe (the Chastain Park location) hosted a blogger night for me and four other Atlanta-based bloggers. The purpose of the gathering? To sample a variety of Tin Drum's best dishes, and to discuss ways to improve the restaurant's food and overall image.


The bloggers: Kate Styled Pretty, (Me), Kitchen Man Can (duo), and Yoga in Heels!

We chit-chatted about our lives, the best place to get bahn mi and bubble tea, and the Atlanta food scene, all the while eating and critiquing, and Instagramming and Tweeting. I tell you, this was multitasking at its finest!

On the Blogger Night Menu: Panko Shrimp Taco and Crab and Cheese Roll.

photo 2(5).JPG
photo 5(3).JPG

Additionally, we tried the Mango Stir Fry, Tin Drum Curry, (my favorite one!), and Pad Woon Sen.

photo 2(7).JPG

It was SO... 

photo 2(6).JPG


photo 5(5).JPG


As the evening wore on and as more dishes were being brought to us, we couldn't help but notice it getting hotter and hotter. It wasn't the spiciness of the food, nor was it the temperature of the food itself--no, it was the lack of A/C due to a power outage that occurred a couple of hours before any of us arrived. Sure, a couple of us might have broken a sweat, but that most certainly did not deter us from doing what we all came here to do--EAT.

Our night ended with two surprise dishes, Chicken Tikka Masala and Pho.

photo 3(4).JPG
photo 5(4).JPG

Despite my full belly, I really could have gone for some dessert. I don't know if it's just me, but I always crave something a little sweet to "cleanse my palate" after eating something heavy in spices. From what we've discussed last night with Charles, the marketing manager, Tin Drum is currently in the works for adding a few sweet indulgences to their menu. And I definitely got time for that!