Anniversary at Canoe

For our anniversary this year, Ruben and I decided stick to the traditional route and went out for a nice romantic dinner at Canoe, one of the top fine dining restaurants in the city. As much as I wanted to do something completely out of the box, you know, like skydiving or swimming with whale sharks at the Georgia Aquarium, (I figured between Valentine's Day and our anniversary, we could celebrate one of the two occasions a little unconventionally), I quickly realized that I all I really wanted to do was doll up! I suppose we'll just have to save the 'unconventional' for Valentine's Day.


Canoe Atlanta.jpg

Did you know that oysters as an aphrodisiac is a myth? Alcohol, on the other hand, is.


Ruben and I also indulged in some slow roasted Carolina rabbit with Swiss chard and sea scallops, asparagus, and crispy potato salad. Now I'm not quite sure if that qualifies as 'romantic'/aphrodisiac-like food, but it was definitely romantic enough for my belly! I was in heaven!


Canoe has definitely become one of my favorite Atlanta restaurants to date and was the perfect place for a romantic night out!

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