A Meal Fit for a King :: Fogo de Chao

My man loves meat. Period. He's the kind of person who would rather eat two dinners instead of dinner and dessert just so that he can eat more meat. On the other hand, while I love my dessert, I'd like to say that I love meat much more than the average woman. So when I found out that there was a Fogo de Chao in Atlanta, a churrascaria, I knew I had to take Ruben there for his birthday this year.

If this doesn't entice you, I don't know what will!

Look away vegetarians, just look away.
For those of you who are unfamiliar with churrascarias, it's basically a place that serves Brazilian/South American barbecue. In modern churrascrias, like Fogo de Chao, rodizio service is offered, where passadores (aka "meat waiters) come to your table carrying big hunks of meat on a skewer. Think of it as an all you can eat meat buffet where you don't even need to get up!

It doesn't get any manlier than this!
Here's how it works at Fogo de Chao: every person is given their own personal card. If you flip your card to the 'green' side, you're giving the passadores the green light to give you meat. However if your card is flipped to the 'red' side, either you need to take a break from all the meat, or you just can't eat anymore. Pretty easy, huh?

A quick piece of advice--when you have your green card up, BE PREPARED. Be prepared to be bombarded by many many men with a lot of meat. It's very easy to get overwhelmed and confused when you have up to three men offering you beef tenderloin, lamb chops, and bacon-wrapped filet mignon at the exact same time.

Now, there is a salad bar somewhere in the restaurant, but I didn't waste any time going there. In my honest opinion, eating salad was just a waste of stomach space. (Why have vegetables when you could just have more meat?) A churrascaria specializes in meat, not lettuce, so I'm going to eat meat, dammit!

(Ruben stopped by the salad bar, however, and happened to really like it.)

I do have to say that the meat was AMAZING! I could not remember eating a single piece of meat that I didn't like. My favorite meat of the night had to be the house special, hands down. If only I could remember what kind of meat it was! However, I do remember the passador who was serving it--he was tall, skinny, and brunette, with big ears. I was so overwhelmed with the endless amount of meat possibilities that that was the only way I could remember which passador had what.

Our night ended with a complimentary Fogo de Chao signature Papaya Cream, which was AMAZEBALLS. It reminded me of a very creamy, soft ice cream, with the perfect amount of papaya flavor. Although my stomach was already at maximum capacity from eating an excessive amount of meat, I took on the responsibility for eating Ruben's dessert because he looked like he was about ready to pass out. Besides, there's always room for free dessert!

Thank goodness I wore a loose dress for this occasion!
Have you ever been to Fogo de Chao or a churrascaria? What do you think about the idea of an all you can eat meat buffet?


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