H&M Conscious + Recycling Used Clothes

While H&M is usually not my first choice to shop at, I like to pop in every now and then when I have a little bit of time. Since discovering the store several years ago, I've become a big fan of their blazers--they're stylish, of good quality, and affordable.

Very recently, H&M caught my attention a little more when they launched their global initiative on not letting fashion go to waste. Their goal is to create a zero-waste economy by recycling textiles into second-hand goods, energy, and other products such as damping and insulating materials for the auto industry. 

For those who wish to participate in H&M's global incentive, all of their stores internationally now offer garment collection recycling services--anyone can bring up to 2 bags of clothing per day (any brand, in any condition!) and receive a 15% off one item voucher per bag donated.   I recently Spring cleaned my closet, so I was able to bring a couple of Trader Joe's bags filled with clothes that didn't fit me anymore or that was simply out of style. I think I may just have to "Spring clean" Ruben's clothes so that I can get more coupons! (*Grinning evilly at his side of the closet*)

While I was at H&M, I used my 15% off voucher and picked up this striped navy blue blazer. I don't have anything like it in my closet, plus I think it's perfect for Spring!

For more details about H&M's global initiative, you can check out www.hmconscious.com.