Chambray on Denim + A Polka Dot Affair

I never knew the chambray on denim look could be pulled off, until I discovered how to do it--the secret is to pair your chambray shirt with a different shade of denim. For example, if your chambray is on the lighter side, it's best to pair it with a darker pair of jeans, and vice versa. I decided to wear my chambray and denim combination with a colored belt to break up the blue and to add a little bit of pop to the outfit. 

In the meantime, I can't seem to stay away from polka dots! Call it an obsession, a fetish, an addiction, whatever you want to call it, I happen to find little polka dots to be sweet and feminine. This is already my third polka dot blouse/shirt, and I don't see any signs of stopping myself from getting more soon!

How do you like to wear chambray?

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