Atlanta Croissant Challenge (Part III)

Part III of my Atlanta Croissant Challenge brought me to The Little Tart Bakeshop in Grant Park. It's conveniently located close to Ruben's workplace, and served as a good place to hang out and have a bite to eat while I waited for Ruben to finish work.

I got there a little after 8:00 AM, right before this line decided to show up. My timing couldn't have been more perfect!

While I was ordering my croissant, I saw this by the cash register. Isn't it interesting? I've never seen anything like it, ever! (And this is the girl who lived in Seattle for six years, home of the original Starbucks and land of the best coffee!) It almost reminded me being in a laboratory back when I studied Chemistry.

When I received my croissant, there was one thing I noticed that I have not experienced with my other croissant challenges--my croissant was warm. Not to say that it'll greatly affect the way I judge the croissant, but I will say that it did make eating the croissant a lot more pleasant.

The exterior had a beautiful golden color and a crackly-looking appearance, two things I always look for when I eat croissants. As I bit into it, not only was the croissant warm, but it tasted exactly how it looked--so crispy and flaky that the crumbs broke into a million pieces every time I bit into it, and mildly sweet from the golden caramelization of its exterior.

The interior of the croissant was almost perfect--it was flaky, yet very moist and tender, and left the right amount of buttery grease on my fingers. My only gripe about it was that it could've used a touch more sugar. Other than that, it was perfect.

Overall croissant rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars. Perfection is so close my friends, I can almost taste it!

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