Atlanta Croissant Challenge (Part I)

My idea of the perfect breakfast is something quick and light--like a bowl of cereal, toast, or even a pastry. Many a time have I been criticized by my significant other for not eating a 'real' breakfast, which typically consists of pancakes, waffles, omelets, biscuits and gravy, and bacon, which is always eaten at the same time, and not at separate breakfasts. When it comes to breakfast, (or any meal for that matter), he likes to go big or go home. As for me, I prefer to recite that mantra when it comes to my desserts.

The idea of doing a croissant challenge came up very recently. I did a similar challenge with croissants and cupcakes when I lived in Seattle, and not only was it really fun, but it also allowed me to explore the city a little more. Although I've been living in Atlanta for nearly a year, I still don't really know the city as well as I would like, so I figured, what better way than to do a little food challenge!

The premises for my croissant challenge: there aren't really any. I'm just gonna go with the flow! (Which is very unlike me, by the way.) I did do a tiny bit of research and found a few places that are supposed to have excellent croissants, so we'll just stick to that and see where it goes!

The first part of my croissant challenge takes us to Alon's in Virginia Highland. I'm not going to dilly-dally and talk about the atmosphere, service, blah blah blah, I'm just going to stick to the croissants. (I did see a little somethin' somethin' in the display case though. I may just have to come back later to check those out!)

Please also keep in mind that I am only reviewing REGULAR croissants. Not almond croissants, not chocolate croissants, and certainly not fruit croissants, if those even exist!

Appearance: you get an A+, honey! Shape, size, and color, this one has it all! It definitely looks crispy on the outside, and it also has a really nice golden exterior.

Tasting the exterior, the croissant is light, crispy, and flakes very easily. The interior, on the other hand, while it is a bit flaky, (and you can see it in its layers), it is also a more dense than the outside. That is not a bad thing though! Flavor-wise, it could have used an extra pinch of salt and few more slaps of butter. No, make that several. I like my croissants very buttery on the buttery that you can see the tiniest flecks of yellow scattered throughout its flaky interior. That's just me though. Oh, and it would've been nice if the croissant was a little warm too. Maybe if I got to Alon's right when it opened, it would have been a bit fresher, but I'd rather get a little bit of extra beauty sleep.

Overall croissant rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars.

We're off to a not bad start. But it looks like you need to step it up, Atlanta!

Part II and Part III to the croissant challenge can be seen here!

PS--If you have any recommendations to include in my croissant challenge, let me know!

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