Buckhead Restaurant Week 2013

To celebrate the end of Buckhead Restaurant Week, as well as to celebrate the last weekend of the month that Ruben doesn't have to work, we went to Southern Art for a little date night.

Date nights = dress up nights! Yay!
Conveniently located inside of the Intercontinental Hotel, Southern Art serves Southern food with a modern and urban twist. It also sits directly across from Bourbon Bar, specializing in well, you guessed it, Bourbon.

A word of advice to those who wish to participate in any sort of Restaurant Week event: it is imperative to make reservations! When you get a multi-course meal for only a fraction of what you would normally pay, expect the restaurant to be packed! Luckily, Ruben and I made reservations earlier that day, so we were seated just as soon as we got there.

 Biscuits anyone? I love how they gave us biscuits and honey butter instead of your typical bread and butter. (Very Southern.) Not to mention they were warm, fresh, and buttery when they came to our table. We didn't really know what to do with the pickled veggies in the jar though. I left them alone, since I'm not the biggest fan of pickled things expect for cucumbers (A.K.A. pickles themselves).

Because Southern Art's drinks comes from Bourbon Bar, I decided to stick to something with Bourbon/Bourbon related since that's supposed to be their specialty. I got the Kettled Pear, a cocktail with Laird's Apple Jack Brandy, lime, house made grenadine, and maple syrup. My cocktail was on point--it had just the right amount of sweet from the maple syrup, yet it never overpowered the flavor of the Brandy. Nor did the Brandy ever overpower the sweet. Ruben, on the other hand, stuck to his usual Long Island. I believe he's on a quest to find the best Long Island in the world, and I can tell you right now that Southern Art/Bourbon Bar isn't it.

Left to right: Kettled Pear and Long Island
We also decided to get a Whiskey flight. I can't remember the types of Whiskey that were served, but I do remember that they were 85 proof, 100 proof, and 130 proof.

Here's my reaction after trying the 130 proof whiskey...

It's just too strong!
 ...and Ruben's reaction after trying it. I honestly don't know how he can drink straight liquor and not make a face.

Like a boss!
Now, the whole point of us coming here was to eat the three course meal made specifically for Restaurant Week. However, we were a bit unimpressed when we saw their special menu, so we stuck to the regular menu.

Instead of having Butter Bibb and Herb Salad as indicated on the Buckhead Restaurant Week menu, we opted for oysters and the Southern Art Butcher's Board, a much better option than a little measly salad.

Who knew the US made charcuterie!
 Instead of having Buttermilk Fried Chicken or Mustard Glazed Salmon for dinner, I had Pork Cheeks.

Ruben had the Grilled Filet of Rib-eye. He ended up sending his meal back though because it was very well done when he originally asked for medium rare. Fortunately, the waitress brought back another one, this time cooked to Ruben's liking.

Although Ruben and I did not stick to the Restaurant Week menu as planned, we still enjoyed everything. Hopefully next year their menu will showcase more of the better things that they serve at their restaurant.


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