S'mores + Oreos = S'MOREOS

What do you get when you combine s'mores and oreos together? S'MOREOS! Call it another one of my kitchen experiments, and perhaps one of the best things I have EVER discovered.

A s'moreo is just like a s'more--you have your roasted marshmallow and your chocolate, but instead of sandwiching the aforementioned between graham crackers, they are sandwiched between--yes, you guessed it--an oreo. But s'moreos are even better because it also has the creamy oreo filling inside!

Because I don't have a fireplace in my home, I used my stove top burner, set on high.

Don't forget to turn off the stove when you're done!

And because I didn't have any chocolate bars, I used these instead. In my opinion, these were much better than using a plain old chocolate bar.

I will never use regular chocolate bars again!

Ruben was a bit apprehensive about my s'moreo idea, so he stuck to making regular s'mores.

But mine was better. Way way better!

It's genius! PURE GENIUS! I may never make another s'more as long as I live!