Rent the Runway

After nearly three years of (on and off) blogging about food and restaurants, I've decided to branch out! I want Caroline in the City to be a lifestyle blog, talking not only about food, but also beauty, fashion, and all other walks of life. By no means am I a beauty/fashion expert, but it is definitely something that has always piqued my interest for as long as I can remember. With that said, here's my first fashion blog post!

A few months ago, I came across Rent the Runway, a website that offers designer dresses and accessories for a fraction of the retail price. They offer a wide range of designers from Herve Leger to Vera Wang and Versace. I know, some of you ladies may be put off by the idea of renting a dress and wearing something that other women have worn. However, if you're one of those ladies who don't mind, or have a thing about wearing the same thing twice (guilty, as charged), or who will do anything to have the opportunity to wear a designer dress that they may never be able to afford, Rent the Runway may be something you may want to consider.

How it works: Rent designer dresses and accessories online. Select the days you want your items to arrive, keep the items for four days, (you can rent it for longer for an additional fee), and then mail it back (envelope and postage is included) when the rental period is over.

What's nice about it is that they will send you a second size for free if you're unsure what size to order. Also, if you want to rent more than one dress, they will only charge you $25 for the second dress (the $25 applies to the lower priced item). They also have fit specialists online who will help you determine what size you should rent if you're still unsure.

I've used Rent the Runway a couple of times. The first time I used it was when I went to the Nutcracker last year:

Badgley Mischka "Beaded Sweetheart" Dress rental c/o Rent the Runway (regular link) (referral link),
Nicole Miller Accessories "Southern Plantation" Earrings rental c/o Rent the Runway,
Steve Madden "Regaal" Pumps

Most recently, I rented an Herve Leger dress for Valentine's Day:

Herve Leger "Heartbreaker" Dress rental c/o Rent the Runway (regular link) (referral link)

I fell in love with this Herve Leger dress! It felt like I was wearing Spanx without the need for one, and it made my waistline look itty-bitty and tush look high and tight!

I love everything about this website: the idea, the dresses, the cost compared to what you would actually pay  for it, EVERYTHING. I think it's perfect for those really special events where you want to wear haute fashion but don't want to spend a great deal of money for it. My only complaint, however, is that they do not ship dresses to Hawaii. Normally, I would not make a big deal about this because I no longer live there, but if I had to attend a special event in Hawaii and wanted to rent a dress, they would need to ship it to Atlanta first and not Hawaii. Inconveniences, inconveniences. Sorry Hawaii peeps. (I contacted them about that particular concern, and they told me that they will start shipping to Hawaii soon.)

But anyhoo, here is my referral link if you're interested in getting your rent on, as well as $20 for you and for me. (Just sayin'!) Happy renting!