The True Definition of Self Control

Today I went to Sublime Doughnuts in attempts to satisfy a week long doughnut craving. A doughnut craving so bad that I've lost precious sleep every morning this week just to contemplate if I should get out of bed early enough to make it there right when they open, which is at 6 AM. I failed to get out of bed every single morning this week to get a doughnut, until today that is. My get out of bed epiphany moment: It's early, and it's dark. If I leave now, my puppy Snack Pack won't even notice that I've slipped out, thus preventing him from getting a separation anxiety attack! (Poor thing, he gets those every time he sees me leave the house!)

Getting there couldn't be any easier. Sublime Doughnuts was just a tiptoe, stubbed toe, and little drive away from my apartment. I walked inside, still wearing my pajamas, probably with bed head. (It was 7 in the morning, people aren't allowed to judge when it's that early.) As I approached the counter, (no line, YAY!), I immediately got a feeling of pure confusion. The doughnuts on display weren't labeled! How was I supposed to know what to get? Fortunately, the person working there looked at me, smiled, and happily described and explained to me what each doughnut was on their display. (While I could see how that upped my review on customer service, I could also see how that could potentially slow things down on busy days.)

Well, I couldn't get just one. At that point, I was completely overwhelmed by my doughnut choices and lost self control to only buy one doughnut. So I got three! Nothing to worry about though, I justified my decision making by telling myself that I would eat only one, and that Ruben would eat the rest of them!

Left to right: Honey Glazed, Caramel Apple Fritter, and Dulce de Leche

However, when Ruben got home from work that morning, not only did he refuse to eat any of the doughnuts, (he's very anti-sweet food), he also claimed that doughnuts were NOT breakfast food and started taunting me with "you're going to get diabetes!"

Great. How was I supposed to eat three doughnuts and not feel guilty about it? I could eat a third of each one, thus only eating the equivalent of one doughnut. This my friends, would be the ultimate test of self control.

Demonstrating self control by only eating three thirds!

Eating only a third of three doughnuts proved to be a lot more difficult than it sounded, and that itself already sounded hard! That's why I made sure to savor every single bite that I took, and I must say, every bite was INCREDIBLE. A few things that I'd like to point out:

  1. The doughnuts themselves had a bit of a doughy texture. (Trust me, that is not a bad thing at all!) It's definitely something I'm not used to when eating doughnuts, but I really enjoyed it. It basically guaranteed that the doughnuts wouldn't come out dry.
  2. The Caramel Apple Fritter needed A LOT more apple! They don't call it an apple fritter for nothing! PLEASE do not skimp on the apples!
  3. Personally, I would have liked more dulce de leche flavor on the Dulce de Leche doughnut. Although delicious, I tasted a lot more doughnut flavor than dulce de leche flavor.
That morning, I declared a personal victory for consuming just those three thirds and for resisting temptation to eat the rest of the doughnuts...until about six o'clock that evening. Hungry, and with nothing in my refrigerator, I didn't even have to look or think twice before I inhaled every single morsel. I have no self control. I'm off to the gym now.

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