Date Night and Sushi

ONE MONTH. That's exactly how long it's been since Ruben and I have had a date night. The last time I can remember us going out to eat was on our anniversary last October. In our attempts to be a little bit more financially responsible, we decided to cook our meals at home instead of going out and spending an absurd amount of moolah on food and drinks. Date nights at home started out wonderfully; I'd cook dinner, he'd make a few cocktails, and we'd wine and dine on our living room couch (our dining table has temporarily been converted into a desk upon the acquisition of a new computer), and watch marathons of The Walking Dead and Hell on Wheels. Within a few weeks, however, I became too lazy to cook, we started calling Cafe Bombay for delivery a little more frequently, and I complained to Ruben about not having any opportunities for dressing up and looking "cutesy".

After a long month, we finally decided to go out for dinner. Deciding on a restaurant was not difficult. I had an immense craving for sushi, mainly because well, I don't know how to make sushi. I also haven't eaten good sushi in nearly three months. We decided to go to Taka Sushi based on the recommendation from a lovely couple we were seated next to when we were at Holeman & Finch.

The restaurant itself was very nice--simple and classic with a few Asian-inspired decorative pieces. Upon walking in, I immediately had high hopes for this place. Even more so when I saw the Japanese chefs working hard behind the sushi bar. (Do keep in mind that Ruben and I have extremely high standards when it comes to deciding what good sushi is--after all, he was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and I was born and raised in Hawaii. We know what fresh is, and we know what good sushi is.)

We decided to take it slow and order our rolls one at a time. More than often do we order a whole bunch of rolls at once and end up food comatose.

For starters, Ruben and I had the Spicy Tuna roll, as well as some Tako (fresh octopus) nigiri. For a roll so basic and so standard in a lot of sushi restaurants, I would have expected the Spicy Tuna roll to be a lot better. First of all, the roll was really small, a lot smaller than I'm used to, and there wasn't much tuna in each piece. It also wasn't spicy at's called "spicy" for a reason! The Tako nigiri was new to Ruben and me; neither of us had tried tako before. But based on our first tako experience, we found it to be quite enjoyable--it almost had no taste and its texture was not rubbery by any means, something I always thought octopus to be.

After our "starter plate", the waitress brought out the Diet Coke roll and the Coconut Shrimp roll. I'm not really sure why it's called the Diet Coke roll, but it contained eel, avocado, and two types of tuna. I was impressed with this roll. The inside had a creamy and rich consistency from the eel and avocado, yet still tasted fresh from the tuna. The Coconut Shrimp roll was pretty good as well. The shrimp had a crispy exterior from the tempura batter I believe, (but not too heavy), and the roll itself had a nice crunch--not only from the shrimp, but also from the asparagus that was in the roll too. I couldn't really taste the coconut flavor very well, but it was still really good, and Ruben and I devoured those rolls in no time.

We ended the meal with the Passion roll. I am having the hardest time trying to remember what was in it right now, (I think it was eel), but I know the roll was topped with tuna and salmon. I was a little nervous ordering this because Ruben is not the biggest fan of salmon, but he ate it and like it a lot! As for me, I have to say the Passion roll was my favorite roll of the night.

All in all, for a sushi restaurant in the south, I was pretty impressed. I had my reservations about eating sushi in a city that isn't particularly well known for their sushi, but Taka Sushi did a great job at proving me wrong. And the best part of the night? We left the restaurant with our wallet intact, and our belt buckles intact.

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