"C" is for Cookie...or Cupcake?

My latest adventure brings me to Richmond, Virginia, where I have been sent here for a job interview for an Associate Scientist position. I arrived in Richmond yesterday afternoon, exhausted, with no desire to go anywhere or do any exploring. I ordered room service. I never order room service. That just goes to show how incredibly exhausted I was. Today, on the other hand, was different. After waking up at noon, (I'm still not adjusted to the time difference), I went out for a little bit. I did research on things to do in Richmond (sadly, there weren't many options), and places to eat. Fortunately, there were a TON of places to eat...the only problem would be which restaurants to eat at in such a short amount of time.

Now, anyone who knows me well knows that I have a somewhat slight obsession with cupcakes, or dessert for that matter. Finding cupcakes in Richmond were not difficult at all. The only hard part was trying to figure out which place had THE BEST cupcakes. I randomly chose Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe, just because the internet was not very good at providing ranked lists of cupcake shops.

The layout of Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe kind of reminded me of Trophy Cupcakes in Seattle. Kind of like an ice cream shop, but with cupcakes instead. By the time I had got there, their selection of cupcakes wasn't as diverse as I would assume it to be early in the morning, but that didn't stop me from being tempted to try every single cupcake they had in their display case. I decided to buy myself one cupcake, the "C is for Cupcake".

But there's a cookie on top. Yeah, you heard me, a cookie. Pearl's combines the best of both worlds by putting a cookie in a cupcake. Or making a cupcake that tastes like cookies. You decide. But basically, what they did was bake a vanilla-brown sugar cake, put chocolate chip cookie batter inside, and topped it with cream cheese frosting and a mini chocolate chip cookie. So I guess you could say that it's a cupcake that tastes like cookies, topped with a cookie. Again, it's the best of both worlds.

In my many years of tasting countless cupcakes around the country, whether they have been store bought or homemade, I will say that Pearl's Cupcake Shoppe does take the cake when it comes to innovating interesting flavors. Never have I once seen a cupcake like this anywhere in Seattle, and to be honest, I wish I did. As for the taste...did the cupcake actually taste like a cookie? Not really. It definitely had the same sweetness of a chocolate chip cookie, and the cake itself tasted very good and brown-sugar like, but it didn't taste like a chocolate chip cookie. It tasted like, well, a cake that was trying to be a cookie...but couldn't. The actual chocolate chip cookie on top of the cupcake fortunately didn't taste like a cupcake, it tasted how it should taste, but it was very crumbly; I couldn't break it apart without it crumbling into a million pieces.

I'm not going to lie, I really did like the cupcake, but I think the cupcake should be what it is...a cupcake. Please don't try to be a cookie.

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