My Favorite Indian Restaurant

After nearly 5 years of living in Seattle, I can finally say I found it. The best Indian restaurant in Seattle (in my opinion, that is). And...and...wait for's vegetarian. Yeah, you heard me. What kind of Indian restaurant doesn't serve butter chicken, lamb biryani, or tandoori chicken, staple dishes to any Indian restaurant in the United States? Well, Punjab Sweets doesn't. But what lacks in carnivorous dishes most certainly makes up for it in the best vegetarian dishes I have ever eaten, and more importantly, dessert.

Punjab Sweets is not your typical Indian restaurant. The portions are smaller, the food is cheaper and healthier, oh, and did I mention the DISPLAY CASE of Indian sweets? Wait, I haven't yet. Let me say it again. THEY HAVE A DISPLAY CASE FULL OF INDIAN SWEETS. The only downside? I have to drive 17 miles just to enjoy a bowl of Mulai Kofta and a pound's worth of Gulab Jamun, Kalakand, and Burfi. It's a little hard on my gas tank, but not hard on my wallet and totally worth the drive.

When I'm not feeling broke and have lots of time, (or when I'm seriously craving Indian food), my friend Colleen and I will go to Punjab Sweets. STARVING. With every intention of coming out of there with a food coma. Why? Simply because we order appetizers, and a main course, and dessert. Our goal is to eventually eat every single thing on their menu. And I think we've done a pretty good job so far.

Pani Puri - Colleen claims that this is the only place in Seattle that has it. It's also her favorite appetizer.

Samosa - Hot and flaky outside, soft and spicy inside. A classic at any Indian restaurant, even at Punjab Sweets.

Pakoray - I know they're deep fried, but at least they've got vegetables in them!

Bhindi - I don't have much experience with eating okra dishes, but these were amazing!

Palak Paneer - Not exactly the easiest thing to eat with your hands, but still excellent to eat. I'm still trying to get used to the eating-with-your-hands thing.

Aloo Gobi - Much easier to eat with your hands than the palak paneer.

Matter Paneer - All it is is peas and paneer, but still delicious. It's also not easy to eat with your hands.

And last but not least...DESSERT!!! (Oh, I can hear Annapurna, the Hindu goddess of food and cooking, singing now!) They sell these bad boys by the pound, so depending on how much you buy, it actually comes out pretty cheap!

I've actually been craving Mexican food for the past several days. But after writing this, I may need to go to Punjab Sweets. Tonight.

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