Great Meals Lead to Food Comas

Have you ever had one of those meals that left you so full that you couldn't move? That after eating you had to unbutton your pants and just let it all hang out? The kind of meal that made you swear that you would work out endlessly for the rest of the week or till the end of time? Well you should, because it's called Thanksgiving.

But I'm not talking about Thanksgiving (unfortunately). I'm actually talking about the time when I went to Tropicos Breeze. It was your typical Tuesday night. But little did I know, it would soon turn out to be like every single Thanksgiving I've ever been to, but with Salvadorean food instead.

Let me first start off by saying that although it looks a little worn out from the outside, and the decor is a little cheesy, they have the best service I have ever encountered when eating at any restaurant. Probably even better than a lot of 5 star restaurants. (I'm serious.) They were so hospitable and more than happy to give explanations to my friends and me. And the best part? They gave us free food and drinks! And it wasn't because they screwed up, because they never did! (Could it be because they were having a slow night? Or maybe was it because we were the only non-latinos in the restaurant and we looked absolutely clueless?)

Soon after my friends and I sit down, the waitress welcomes us and asks us if we've ever eaten there before. Nope. (**This is important people. You must say "I've never been here before.") She lets us look at our menus for a couple of minutes, then comes back with a tray of drinks saying, "Here, I want you to try this. I have Horchata de morro, nance, ensalada, and maracuya." OKAY! Who are we to say no to free drinks, which by the way were oh-so-good and refreshing?

A few minutes later, our waitress takes our order and comes back again with a plate of steaming hot pupusas, with a smile on her face and says, "Here, I have some pupusas for you to try. They're very delicious." Pupusas have the filling capabilities of a sandwich. I could eat one for lunch and be satisfied. But then again, who are we to say no to free pupusas? I ate one (YUM!) and was starting to feel a little full. And then I saw our waitress come with our actual meals.

Antojitos ejemplo - I will never forget the moment when our waitress gave me my dish. It wasn't even a dish, it was an appetizer. I'm telling you, it could feed a family of at least four people. And I was only one person. My eyes were bugged out for awhile and then I tried what was on my plate. OH MY GOD. If my eyes could bug out any further they'd fall out of my eye sockets. It was that good.

Pescado frito - I will also never the forget the moment when our waitress gave Thien-Y her meal. It was a BIG FISH, and Thien-Y is a TINY GIRL. After trying her fish, I swore that I was going to get that the next time I went there.

Carne guisada - Almost like the Salvadorean version of beef stew. The meat was flavorful and fork-tender good. I was so surprised when Trevor ate the entire thing, and his plate was just as big as mine.

Tacos - Definitely not the kind of tacos you get at Taco Bell or Jack-in-the-Box. This was taco truck good. Maybe even a little better. And Allison almost ate everything!

As expected, I had fallen into a food coma by the end of the meal. I had to put my coat on as soon as I was done eating in order to cover up the stomach bulge over my jeans (I couldn't exactly unbutton them...we were still in the restaurant). As soon as I got home, I went straight to bed. It may have been the first time I went to bed without having dessert. And I'm kind of glad I didn't.

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