Grandma's Meatballs and Greek Eyes

On my most recent trip to Oregon, my cousin, Giezel, and I decided that we were going to try to be more spontaneous. Now, spontaneous isn't exactly a word I would use to describe myself; I always like to have a plan, especially when it comes to eating. I usually do my research in advance--you know, look things up on the internet, read reviews, see the menu, the whole shebang. However, I promised myself this year that I would be, well, a little bit more spontaneous. Do the unexpected. So, when Giezel and I drove into Portland on Saturday, we went there without a plan. Well, actually, the only thing we really planned for was which shops we wanted to visit.

Fast forward to two new dresses and two hungry bellies later, we stumble upon Dorio, a Greek "Cafe & Taverna" on the corner of NW 23rd, a somewhat popular street lined with cute boutiques and little restaurants. At this point in time, we were starving, and Dorio was the first restaurant that crossed our paths. We take a quick glance at the menu from the outside. Not bad at all. Looks good and pretty cheap. I take a quick glance inside and see a good looking bartender. I'm sold. So we go inside.

We were immediately seated and then greeted by the bartender who started talking to us about the menu and the specials...but I couldn't even pay attention to what he was saying because honestly, I was looking at his eyes...he had the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen in my entire life! They were light green? Blue? Gray? Maybe a mix of all colors? I can't even remember anymore, but all I know is that they were gorgeous.

But any way, coming back to the topic of food and spontaneity, I decided to venture out a little and order something that I have never gotten when eating in a Greek restaurant: Keftethes. I was instantly drawn to it because Keftethes is well, meat. Greek meatballs. Or according to Dorio, "Grandma's meatballs". In my opinion, any food that has the words "Grandma" or "Mom" in its name is a sure win for something delicious. And it was! I have never had meatballs so juicy and tender! And I would know, the only other time I had meatballs of that caliber was when I made them myself. Yes. I know the secret to a juicy and tender meatball.

Spanakopita. Wasn't so spontaneous with this food choice, as it is one of my "go-to's" when it comes to Greek food, but there were of course no regrets because it was simply perfect--perfect amount of food, perfect tasting.

So, what was it that made me fall in love with this place? Was it a) The bartender's Greek eyes, b) The amazing food, c) The atmosphere, d) The portions, e) The prices, or f) All of the above? I'd say f). Really, what more could I ask for?

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