Will the Real Loco Moco Please Stand Up?

This past December, I once again made that little trek to Hilo to celebrate the holidays with my family and old friends. And, once again, I had my list of places to eat while I was there. One place that I failed to mention the last time I went home: Cafe 100. Who could forget Cafe 100? It's the only place I can think of that has what, more than 20 types of loco moco? I don't even bother eating loco moco from anywhere else--other than my lovely kitchen where I can make homemade loco moco--because in my eyes, they are the best. And best of all, it's pretty darn cheap.

I almost always stick to the classic, the original loco moco (although lately, I have been experimenting with the portuguese loco, which I also have found to be really good). What is it about this loco moco that makes it so good? Is it the hamburger patty? Or the eggs? Or maybe the gravy? The truth is, I don't have a clue what makes it so good. To be honest, the meat was a little overcooked. The egg was a little overcooked. But the gravy was perfection. Okay, maybe it was the gravy. Or maybe it's the combination of all the flavors. I don't know. Or...perhaps it's a psychological thing. You know, everyone has that image of Cafe 100 having the best loco moco in town, so maybe my brain was tricked to believe that certain image. But you know what? Food is not supposed to be all that complicated. Food is simple. That's why I like food. Bite, taste, chew, swallow. But I digress. THE POINT IS, it's good. Damn good.

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