The Magic is in the Puff

It was my last day in Hilo, and there was still one more place I needed to eat at. Puff City: the holy grail of cream puffs in town (and the only place, I should add). I've tried so many times--at least four times--to eat at this establishment during my three week stay in Hilo, but every time I would try to go there, they would always be closed! It turns out that they are only opened from Wednesday to Saturday, from 7 AM to 2 PM. No wonder I always missed them; I kept going in the late afternoon!

So on my last day, I made sure that I got their cream puffs. I woke up before 7 o'clock and got there right when it opened. There was no line outside (or inside), nor any parked cars. I guess 7 o'clock is a little too early for anyone, right? I head straight for their cream puff display and to my surprise, there were only nine types of cream puffs. Normally I would feel a little disappointed for the lack of variety, but given my situation and how I had less than 12 hours to consume nine cream puffs, I went with it.

The nine cream puff flavors that I ate were:
Chocolate custard – Chantilly topping
Chocolate custard – chocolate ganache
Coconut cream – chocolate ganache
Coffee cream – chocolate ganache – Heath bits
Liliko'i cream – liliko'i ganache
Vanilla custard – powdered sugar
Vanilla custard – chocolate ganache
Peanut butter cream – chocolate ganache
Chai cream – powdered sugar

Each and every cream puff that I ate was DIVINE (except for the peanut butter cream...I'm not a huge fan of peanut butter desserts). But I have to say that out of all the flavors, my absolute favorite was the cream puff with Liliko'i cream and Liliko'i ganache. Liliko'i is such an exotic flavor, considering its uniqueness and scarcity on the mainland. Moreover, I love how Puff City takes something that is so characteristically French, and adds a touch of Hawaii and aloha to make it characteristically their own.

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