In the words of Homer Simpson: "Mmmm....Donuts!"

Has it been a long time since I've writen on this blog, or what? My sincere apologies. To tell you the truth, I actually haven't been eating out a lot lately, but cooking instead. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I would rather be cooking (and eating) more than anything. And that's exactly what I've been doing.

And so, I am writing yet another blog about donuts, because really, who doesn't like them? And in my opinion, these have got to be one of THE BEST donuts I have ever eaten in Seattle...oh heck, why don't we just make it in my entire life?

Picture it. Seattle. Sometime in October. The day before one of my midterms. I'm feeling so stressed out that I need some R&R time before hitting the books. To me, this is also known as retail and food therapy. The best place to go on a nice and sunny day in Seattle? Downtown. For your sake and mine, I'll skip the part about going shopping. So, I head over to my favorite place in the entire city: Pike Place Market. They have got the best selection of food...everything possibly imaginable, it's there.

One place that I always go to whenever I'm there is Daily Dozen. I don't even know if that's the real name of the place, but all I know is that they have donuts. Phenomenal donuts. Cheap too. And whenever I go, they always have a line that seems to stretch to infinity; but you know what? It's worth it.

After patiently waiting for what seems like, infinity, it's finally my turn. "Half a dozen of the plain, please!" Because I said it in such a sweet voice, (or so I think), the guy that's working there gives me the donuts straight out of the oil that it was being fried in! Yes people, it's possible! He picks it up with his tongs, tosses it in the air, and (not so) gracefully catches it in a brown paper bag. Sure, he screwed up several times, but it was really entertaining!

You know that the donuts are going to be good when you can see the oil seeping through the paper bag. And it was just the way I liked it. Hot, crispy on the the outside, soft, moist, and fluffy on the inside. Oh, so sweet it was! I think everybody knew how much I was enjoying these donuts by the huge smirk that I had on my face as I walked back to my car. And I think they must have been jealous too. Or so I think.

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