Hypnotic Sushi

Happy post-Thanksgiving Day! After two days of cooking, followed by two days of shopping, I should think the last thing that I would want to do is write on a blog. But once again, I'm behind on my blog writing, and...I'm bored out of my wits. I could get my textbooks out and study if I wanted to. No. Not tonight. I'd rather write about food.

When I used to live in Hawaii full-time, my family and I would sometimes fly to Honolulu for the weekend. (Oh, those were the days.) I remember almost always going to Genki Sushi--a sushi restaurant that had ready-made sushi, rotating on a conveyor belt around the restaurant, and saying in their little voices, "Hello there! Please take me!" "No, take me!" I thought it was the most ingenious thing a restaurant could come up with.

So, several weeks ago, Allison and I discovered that there was a Genki Sushi in Seattle. Say what?! I thought they were only in Hawaii! We soon realized that this was an opportunity that we could not afford to miss. To add to the excitement, there was a grocery right next to the restaurant. That meant that we could eat...and then do some grocery shopping! Bonus!

I almost forgot how great it was to be in a restaurant where you didn't have to wait around for the food. But everything on the conveyor belt was going around so fast, and I just couldn't decide which ones I wanted to eat...and then after awhile my mind went blank, I couldn't move my eyes, and my vision became all blurry...I was simply mesmerized. Or hypnotized. And then all of a sudden, TOBIKO NIGIRI! My favorite one! Grab it! Grab it! Grab it! GOT IT!!!

That was basically the only sushi that I could recognize. The other little plates that I grabbed were based on looks alone. Oooh, that one looks pretty. I'll take it. Oooh, that one looks weird. I'll take that too. For example, I have completely no recollection of what this sushi is in particular. But it looked good, and tasted just as good.

And of course, a meal is not considered a meal without dessert. Again, I went into that sushi trance until I saw it. Cream puffs! Oh, cream puffs bring me back to my childhood when my family and I would drive to Kona for the weekend, stop over at Costco before going back to Hilo, buying a box of frozen cream puffs, and then eating them while driving back. (Oh, those were the days.) But I digress. I can't remember if they were as good as the Costco cream puffs, but they were sweet, light, and delicious. It was the perfect way to end the meal.

Six plates of sushi and a bowl of cream puffs later, I'm stuffed. But the even better part of this entire sushi experience? It was cheap!

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