The Best Drunk Food in Emerald City

There's nothing like having a great meal after drinking way too much and throwing up. I've been quite lucky (I don't know if I could really call it a lucky experience) to have that happen to me...and even luckier to remember eating the meal after (and not throwing it up later).

These drunken nights take us to The Purple Dot Cafe in the International District, the ideal spot for late night munchies after too much dancing and way too many tequila shots. Normally, I would never wander around the International District late at night; it is extremely sketchy and swarming with creepy weirdos. But then again, I'm too drunk to notice, right? The least I can say is, ladies, wear a jacket. A long jacket. A long jacket that covers everything. Unless you want men to be barking at you. Literally. But, to put your mind at ease a little, I was never alone and always with a group of friends.

So, any way, The Purple Dot Cafe. It is a restaurant that really is purple inside. Or so I thought. (Perhaps I need to go there when I'm sober to confirm this.) From what I can remember, it's a Chinese restaurant full of drunkards. And it just so happened that my friends and I were one of them. Except we were wearing cute, little clubbing dresses. So we stood out. A lot.

After walking through what seemed like a sea of stares, we finally got to our table. I, with my low alcohol tolerance, had absolutely no capacity or desire to pick something from the menu. So my friends ordered. All I could remember was, we ordered a lot of food. There were a couple of things that I simply forgot about, but there were also a couple of other things that were hard to forget, even in my drunken state.

Garlic deep-fried chicken. Honey, the name says it all. Hot, not oily, yet so crispy, and loaded with garlic. A million times better than KFC. And maybe even Ezell's. Now that says a lot.

French toast. The winning dish. This is not your average french toast. I think they might have deep-fried it or something. But hey, I'm not complaining here.

I am just starting to realize...these dishes do not sound very Chinese. But does it really matter? And you know what they say, everything tastes better when you're drunk. So now the question is, do I dare go to The Purple Dot when I'm actually sober?

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