It's that time of year again during the summer when we hear the loud (and might I add, deafening), roaring jets of the Blue Angels flying around the city of Seattle. That's right. It's Seafair again. As much as I wanted to, I had absolutely no intention on going to Seafair...mainly because there was too much studying to get done. However, in the car on our way to get some dim sum, it turned out that my friend, Thien-Y had always wanted to go. I've actually always wanted to go to! It's just that no one ever wanted to go with me! Their excuse: "$30?! I'm not gonna pay $30 to go to Seafair!" Oh come on. It only happens once a year. I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass. We had to go to Seafair!

With that said, I broke out "Aussie", my trusty GPS, and set the coordinates to the place. Note to self or to anyone that goes to Seafair: GO EARLY. Because once we got there, parking was a bitch. We spent more than 20 minutes trying to find a parking space
. This worried us a little bit because the Blue Angels air show was going to start really soon. We found one eventually, walked for what seemed like an eternity, crossed a parking lot...

...speaking of parking lots, as were passing through, we really needed to use the bathroom and so decided to use the one there (which in my opinion, beats having to use the porta potties there). However, the very first thing that I noticed after I used the bathroom was a condom dispenser.
In a ladies' bathroom that was right next to a jungle gym and a swing set. Where children play. Not just one type, one could choose from "Evening Magic" or "Premium Ultra-Thin Snugger Fit". There wasn't even any pad or tampon dispenser. Maybe that was in the men's bathroom. Who on earth would use those? My guess would probably be those teenagers who go there late at night and get their car windows all foggy. But I'm totally digressing and getting off point here.

So we crossed a parking lot, crossed the street, and then we finally get to the actual park where Seafair is being held. Now, to all you single ladies out there, Seafair is a MAN-O-PALOOZA. Aside from all the families and little kids r
unning around, there are men everywhere. Men in the army, air force, marines, coast guard, etc. Big, strong, handsome men in uniform trying to get your attention and do familial and military-like activities. (It all makes sense! No wonder I saw so many uniformed men at the night clubs a couple of nights ago! They were these men from Seafair!) I remember there was a man in the marines that tried to get me to do some pull-ups, but failed to do so. Me? Doing pull-ups? Hell no! But I had no time to pay attention to them. The air show was about to start and we were running late.

We finally get to the area where we are supposed to watch the show, just in time. And we were excited. Super fast jets doing beautifully choreographed, intricate, difficult and flying sequences. Or so we thought. Instead, all we got was a sad little demonstration of flying jets. We could hear over the speakers: "And now, Commander Blah Blah will now perform the Blah Blah formation from the right side." Everyone would look to the right, and then two jets would appear, one right side up, one upside down, flying slowly to the left. That's as intricate as it got.
Okay, I'm not going to lie, maybe there were a couple of cool "formations", but that was it. Their performance came up short.

Was this really worth the $30 that I paid for? I don't know. At least there were booths that gave out free food, free pictures with old, historic boats, free games, free free free free free. Thien-Y and I got to try out this new Play Station thing (kind of like Wii), and we played this mortal combat game. I won. :) I love mortal combat games. And racing games. Those I can handle. Don't give me a Mario game where I have to eat apples.

Regardless of the boring airshow though, it was still loads of fun.