Painting the Town...Too Much. Painting a Cup? Still Too Much.

Summer school was officially over. What to do? What to do? My cousin, Giezel really wanted to go to go to Paint the Town, a ceramics painting studio at University Village. Me? Not so much. I like to look at art. Briefly. I don't like to create art. When I was younger, I remember taking art lessons from a renowned local artist who could never pronounce my name properly. It was never "Caroline", but rather "Ca-zo-zine." Now, I don't exactly remember how Giezel convinced me to do this painting thing, (I think my tired mind may have clouded my judgement), but she did.

We walk into the store one day, (Giezel, excitedly, me, reluctantly), and look around. It turns out there are tons of things to paint there...cups, plates, picture frames, etc. What really turned me on though was the abundance of cooking things that I could paint! (Typical me.) Butter dishes, spoon rests, kitchen timers...I was sold. Okay Giezel, you win. I want to paint here too. I eventually decide that I'm going to paint a mug. And so does she.

A few days later, we come back. We are ready to paint. And then it occurs to me, this place is great for getting Christmas gifts! And the people who would receive them would have no choice but to like it, because I made it! It would be coming from the heart! After picking out our mugs and paints, we sit down and get to work. I remember saying, "This is almost fun!" And it the beginning. We were so excited, taking pictures here and there, laughing, painting, painting, painting, and then it became hard. No longer were we laughing and telling each other stories. The smiles disappeared from our faces; we became serious, and we kept on painting, we got really hungry, but kept on painting, we became tired, and we kept on painting. We were there painting for FOUR HOURS! One mug! Four hours!

After painting for what seemed like eternity, I take a good look at my mug. It was hideous! It looked better with the tape on! (I had to use tape to create the straight edges.) Oh, the disappointment! I take back what I said about getting Christmas gifts. My mug looks like a 5 year-old painted it. I'm so ashamed.

Giezel was not too happy with her mug as well. And she screwed up a few times.

But what you see above was not the final product. A week later, I went back to Paint the Town to pick up the FINISHED products after it's been fired in the kiln. I'll be honest, it looks much better, but it definitely could be better. Perhaps it could be done by a 10 year-old. That's a 5 year improvement.

So, the lesson of the day: I'm still not an artist. But at least I tried, right? I still haven't decided if I'm going to keep the mug or if I'm going to give it away as a gift. But to whoever I decide to give it to if I do ever give it away, I'm so sorry. I tried. I really tried.