Wild Waves? Yes. Wild Tan? No.

Due to a failed attempt at getting a tan while I was in Hawaii, my next best bet was here, in Seattle. Now, I'm not the kind of person who will go to the park or the beach and just lie down and tan. No. I'm not a lazy tanner. I'm an active tanner. I'd rather be doing something while tanning at the same time...like swimming! For me, the best way to get a tan is to go swimming...it's the inner Hawaiian girl in me that is saying this. One thing that I will never do though, is go to a tanning salon. Nope, this girl will only allow authentic UVA and UVB rays to touch her skin. The problem is, here, the lakes are too dirty and and water at the beach is too cold. So why not go to a water park? I haven't been to a water park in years and besides, I've heard that Wild Waves, the water park here in Washington, is heated! Major plus!

Sadly, I couldn't go to Wild Waves on the weekend that was really, really hot, but I was able to go the week after with my friend Thien-Y. She bought the tickets, we were really excited to go, but then the sun never came out. But she bought the tickets! We had to go! I was determined to get that tan.
Apparently, Wild Waves is not just a water park, but it's also a theme park! When we got there, we came up with a strategy: conquer the dry rides first, then the wet ones. So I kept my clothes on and we headed over to the dry rides. We went on a few rides, screamed our heads off, got really hot from being nervous and scared, got a little dizzy, and then when we couldn't take it anymore we decided to head over to the water rides. And this was when the sun finally came out. Hallelujah!

So we headed back to our locker, got into our bikinis, (I finally got to wear my new swimsuit from Victoria's Secret! Yay!), and might I add we were kind of matching because we were both wearing green, (green just happens to be our favorite color), and headed over to the slides. New strategy: conquer the slides that required a tube, then the slides that just required our bodies. The slides were great, and the water was heated. In fact, it was warmer in the pool than it was outside! However, it was still sunny, which was all that really mattered. The lines to ride the slides though, were really long, and the concrete was really rough and hard to walk on with bare feet. Nevertheless, the rides were worth the wait. The slides that didn't require tubing were just as fun...the lines were a lot shorter, but in this case, the rides went so fast that I had to hold onto my swimsuit for dear life!

We spent several hours at Wild Waves...who knew that playing in the water could take so much out of you? When I got home that day, I looked at myself in the mirror and truly believed that I had gotten a decent tan. But when I woke up the next morning and I looked at myself again, the tan that I had gotten the day before had already faded, and I could still see the existing horrible tan lines from last month when I went to the park. So did I have fun at Wild Waves? Obviously, yes. Did I get a wild tan though? Sadly, no. Perhaps another day.