A Taste of the Carribbean

Last night, I finally went to Pam's Kitchen again, which is perhaps my favorite restaurant in the University District. Ever since I created this blog, I've always wanted to write something about this place, but I would always forget my camera, and I refuse to write a blog unless it includes pictures. This little restaurant serves food from Trinidad and Tobago...not only do they have a super-relaxed atmosphere, but they also have great service, and above all, EXCELLENT food. I should also mention that this place has been featured on the Diners, Dives, and Drive-Ins show on the Food Network. So in other words, it really is good.

Of the four years that I have been going to Pam's, I've actually only eaten one dish, which is completely unlike me; but I have to tell you, this dish is just too good that I haven't really cared to try anything else. So last night, I ordered my usual: curried chicken roti with paratha. The chicken comes with lightly curried potatoes, garbanzo beans, and a salad. (See the picture if you need help visualizing this.) The paratha is a thin, fluffy roti with a flaky croissant-like texture. In fact, it really reminds me of Indian food, but a little drier. Not to say that the food is dry, it really is very moist.

I remember the first time I ate there four years ago, I asked them how to eat it, and they told me to rip off a piece of paratha, put a little bit of everything inside, and just eat it. Now I have to say that I think I have a pretty big mouth, (big eater, hence big mouth), but even that method was a little difficult for me, and after four years, it still is difficult. So a tip to all those who decide to eat at Pam's Kitchen: wear something that you don't mind getting stained...because you will use your hands. I, on the other hand, am an idiot, because every time I go, I always seem to wear something WHITE, and yesterday, I dropped a piece of yellow curried potato on my beautiful white cardigan. I don't know why, but I really love cardigans...sounds a little preppy for my taste, but I really like them! (And now, I'm thinking about the sale at Nordstrom, but I must resist...) Also, another tip: as soon as you get home, put your clothes immediately in the hamper/laundry because you will reek of the place. Not to say that it smells bad, but you will smell like the food.

Overall, a really, really good place. Sure, it looks like a little hole in the wall, but they say that the best things come in the strangest packages (or something like that).

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