Namaste, Chicken

As I have mentioned in my blog awhile ago, I absolutely love Indian food. I have eaten at almost every Indian restaurant in the University District and a few around the lovely city of Seattle. I was even offered to work in one! (As an aside story: a couple of years ago, I was eating at Malabar Restaurant with a couple of friends, and I was complaining to them about how hard it was to find a part-time job. I guess the manager of the restaurant overheard me and he walked up to me and said, "Would you like to have a job here? I wouldn't mind hiring you." But then, I was like, "no thank you"...waiting tables wasn't exactly the type of job I was looking for. Of course, I didn't say that to his face, but you get the point. I would rather be in the kitchen...working as...a chef!)

Now, for the past four years, I've been struggling to find the best Indian restaurant in Seattle. And I have done my research; I found several websites that rate the best Indian restaurants in the city. But when I would ask my Indian friends which restaurants are the best and most authentic, they would give me completely different answers that aren't even on the list! Oh, what is a girl to do? Should I go with a restaurant that food critics approve of and praise, or should I trust the opinions of my friends, who have been surrounded by this type of food their entire lives, and thus should know what is really good and what is not?

Well, on this particular weekend, I had been eating vegetarian food for the past two days (I know, what was I thinking?), and by the second day, the only thing that I could really think about was eating meat. Thick, medium-rare filet mignon, with a sliver of butter on top, crispy and crusty on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside...and baby back ribs so tender that the meat just falls off the bones...and now I'm thinking about eating again because it's 1:18 in the morning, I haven't eaten in about three hours, and my stomach is starting to growl. But I'm staying here, in bed, because I'm too lazy to get out...and I already brushed my teeth. And I have digressed once again.

Any way, on the day that I had the meat cravings, I called my friend, Thien-Y, out of desperation. I needed to eat meat pronto. So she suggested that we go to an Indian restaurant. And I agreed. As long as the place served meat, I was there. The restaurant of choice was Cedars. It was supposedly the best Indian restaurant in Seattle, according to Seattle Citysearch food critics. Sorry guys, I'll have to save authentic Indian food for another blog. (or I could just cook it myself...)

Fortunately, Cedar's is just a stone's throw (perhaps by a man on steroids) away from my apartment, so it was an easy walk there...which was good because the walking made me feel just a tiny bit less guilty about what I was about to eat. Whenever I go to Cedars, there always seems to be a lot of people there...always a good sign. But when Thien-Y and I got there, we had no problem getting a table, even without reservations.

That night, I decided to stick to a classic dish: butter chicken. I've actually tried to cook it myself in the past, but it somehow did not taste the way I wanted it to taste. I mean, it was good, but not quite perfect. But any way, butter chicken it was. And it was delicious. The gravy/sauce was very creamy, rich, and spicy. The chicken, oh the chicken was so tender you could cut it with a fork. The taste of meat after two days was almost orgasmic with every bite that I took. I know, I'm really pathetic. To the vegetarians out there, how do you survive?

Thien-Y, on the other hand, stuck to a vegetarian dish, okra masala. No thank you for me! ( Though I will admit, when I tasted it, it was actually pretty good.)

Pair a couple of hearty dishes with some basmati rice and garlic naan, (YUM!), and you've got yourself a great (and guilty pleasure...for me) meal.

Overall, I thought the food here at Cedar's was pretty damn good. And the waiters seemed very nice too; good service is extremely important when going out to eat. Now, it's only a matter of time before I decide to eat at the restaurants that my friends have suggested to me, and then we shall see...

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