"My Usual" in Hilo

Okay people. Let's switch gears for a little bit. Actually let's switch locations. I take you to Hilo, Hawaii, approximately 2655 miles from Seattle, the place where I was born and raised. I've been waiting to do this blog for a really long time, because in my opinion, even though Hilo isn't the most attractive spot for tourists to visit, I think it is definitely one of the best places to eat. Hell, I don't even go back to sight-see, I go back home to eat. Of course, this always means that I have to diet and exercise like crazy before going to Hilo, as well as when I get back...because we all know that when I go home, I am bound to gain a few pounds...which is exactly what happened.

So, the night that I arrived in Hilo, my family and I decided to celebrate my cousin Gerry Sann's 18th birthday at my absolute favorite restaurant in the area, Hilo Bay Cafe. It's so good that during the summer before I headed off to college, I would eat there at least once a week, and I think I actually ate everything on their menu. And they even started to remember who I was. And...I have them on speed dial. When I called to make a reservation for that night, I wasn't even in Hilo; I was in Honolulu waiting for my flight to go to Hilo! The point is, it is that good.

Any way, whenever I go back home to visit, I always have to order the Caesar salad with blackened ahi, kekela baby romaine, and parmesan chips. Mmm. My water is now watering as I type. For those of you who don't know what ahi is (what poor deprived people you are...you are really missing out), ahi is tuna. Raw Fish. Nice, pink, soft, melt-in-your-mouth fish. Ahi seems to be pretty abundant in Hawaii. Now, blackened ahi...translation: seasoned ahi that is seared very quickly on the outside on a very high heat, but the inside is still raw. So when you cut into it, you get a really nice black, smoky, and crispy crust on the outside, and a soft, raw inside. You might think it's a strange contrast in texture and flavor, but no...they complement each other very well. I know that a lot of people are turned off by raw fish, but I'm the complete opposite. It turns me on. Not in a sexual way, but rather in a mouth-watering, appetite inducing way. Now, ahi is pretty light, (and thus deadly due to the fact that it is capable of being consumed in excess), so the salad complimented it very well. Sorry for the poor picture quality.

Sure, everybody ordered something else, and sure, I did try them and thought they were very good, but I had to stick to "my usual". Nothing could ever beat it.

At the end of the night, I was sick to my stomach and guilty from eating so much, (I somehow knew that I would be feeling like this for the next few days though), and a little worried about how I was going to be able to eat everything that I wanted while in Hilo. After all, this was only the first night, the first restaurant, and yet there were so many more restaurants to conquer on my list of good eats in Hilo.

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