It's Called Shave Ice...Not Snow Cone!

Note to self: writing blogs about food when it's really late at night and when you're really sleepy is not good. It's also not good when the food that you are writing about is more than 2000 miles away from you. Another note to self: never drink tons of alcohol the night before, spend the next day totally dehydrated, and then write a blog about the perfect thirst quencher. Yes, that's right. I'm talking about shave ice. Not snow cones, shave ice. Whenever I talk to my friends from the mainland, I have to use the word "snow cone", and when I do, I cringe on the inside.

Still full from lunch with the girls at Miyo's that day, my mom and I decide to go to Kawate Seed Shop to get their infamous shave ice. There's another really good shave ice place called Itsu's, but it was closed that day. So Kawate's it was.

The shave ice that I get when I visit Hilo is always the same...vanilla ice cream on the inside, with li hing mui syrup, all topped with condensed milk and li hing mui powder. I know you must be scratching your heads right now thinking, what the hell is li hing mui? Well, according to Google, li hing mui is a salty dried plum.
It has a strong, distinctive flavor, and is often said to be an acquired taste, as it has a combination of sweet, sour, and salty taste. I know you are still scratching your heads and must be thinking, how is that good? Well, you'd just have to go to Hawaii to find out. But I swear, it's really delicious. It really is a combination of sweet and salty.

But any hoo, I get my order of shave ice and shamefully take pictures of it. (And I'm sensing that the cashiers are staring and snickering at me.) You know, it's worse when you take pictures of things in your home town and people mistake you for being a tourist...though it seems like that has been happening to me a lot whenever I go home...perhaps it's a sign...

Coming back to the shave ice was good. Oh so good. I've waited six months to eat this and I finally get it. And I devour it. Two places to eat at in Hilo...done!