A Break from Reality with Sushi

It's been a really rough week. First of all, I had to write a 5 page paper on a 600 page book--my professor called it "fun reading"--that I have not even read (talk about really making shit up). I was up literally all night, the night before it was due... typical me...I am the queen of procrastination. In addition to that, my refrigerator stopped working and the maintenance guy at my apartment was on vacation so he couldn't come and fix it. The solution? Well, there was none. Nobody came and as a result, all of the food in my fridge went bad. I spent yesterday morning, the day that my paper was due, dumping out all the food from my fridge, barely awake, furious, and stressed...on the verge of a breakdown. Yes. Five trash bags full of what I considered to be like treasure...my life...the reason why I cook. It truly was an experience that no one should have to go through alone. I have yet to clean the inside of the fridge, as it still contains leaked meat blood, melted ice cream, sauces, etc. I also had to endure 4 painful hours in the lab that day. But you know what? The week is not over yet. Shit, I've still got to write a ~40 page lab report for Physical Chemistry that is due in a few days.

As a result of my horrible week, I needed to get out. I needed a break from reality and all its harshness. This is where Thien-Y comes in. God bless her...she wanted to go to happy hour. Perfect! By the end of yesterday, I needed a drink...maybe more than one. And, I was starving...I hadn't eaten anything all day. And, it was happy hour...in other words, cheap food! We wanted to go to Wasabi Bistro, (which happens to be my favorite sushi restaurant), but they were closed for renovations, I guess. But it just so happened that Thien-Y knew this other sushi place close by, so that's where we went.

Umi Sake House, it's called. Super sleek, super modern, super classy. In my opinion, way nicer inside than in Wasabi Bistro. But how did the sushi compare? Honestly, I can't really answer that
because it has been a really long time since I've eaten at Wasabi's (about a month and a half, I guess), but I will say that the sushi here was pretty darn good. First, we obviously needed to start off with drinks...I got a mango sake cocktail...the sake was pretty good; it went down very smoothly. I thought it seemed a little weak at first, (which is why I decided to down it...on an empty stomach), until 20 minutes later when I really started to feel it. I was happy, and little pieces of sushi were dancing in my head. It wasn't very big on mango flavor though, I love mangoes and I thought the mango flavor could have been more intense.

I'm just realizing, that this blog post is already really long. Okay, so let's get to what's really important here...the sushi. I LOVE sushi.

1) Salmon Skin Roll-- It's exactly what it says it is...a roll of salmon skin. Okay, I know it sounds really disgusting, and you must be thinking about all the mercury and chemicals that must be saturated in the skin, but you know what? You just have to forget about that little detail, and second of all, the skin is fried, so it's actually really delicious. A little spicy too. Anything fried is delicious.

2) Seattle Crunch-- Whenever you hear the word Seattle in any type of sushi, you can assume that there will always be salmon in it. This version has got
salmon, cream cheese and avocado and it's deep fried and drizzled with teriyaki sauce and sweet chili aioli. If that doesn't sound good, I don't know what does. Crispy on the outside, and super creamy on the inside. Very good, though a little bit too creamy for my taste. I couldn't really taste the difference in the salmon, rice, and avocado. They might have just added too much sauce, but that's my opinion.

3) Spider Roll-- No, there are no spiders in this one. What they do is they deep fry little crabs and their legs is what makes them look like spiders. They are usually really crispy and delicious, but I don't know, I was a little disappointed with this one. Not enough crunch...but maybe it's because I everything else was already so crispy.

4) Bad Boy Roll-- The best for last. They don't call it a bad boy roll for nothing.
Barbecued eel, avocado, cream cheese, and snow crab, and then deep fried. Perfect amount of crunch, and you can really taste every single ingredient in this one. It's bad, but in the best way possible.

Overall, this place was really good. But now that I come to think of it, I kind of like Wasabi Bistro better. But I guess I'll have to wait until they are open again...and then I'll write a blog about it.

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