Battle of the Chicken

After two days of no sleep and a can of SPAM, I am now ready to write my last blog on my trip to Hawaii. Yes, I know, it's been about two weeks since I've left Hilo, but I feel that it is extremely important that I write about this, as it is one of the reasons why I decided to go back home in the first place. But speaking of SPAM, did you know that Hawaii is the SPAM capital of the world? I know, it's pretty disgusting, but desperate times called for desperate measures. For the past two days while I've been locked up in my apartment working on my lab report, I've been eating nothing except SPAM. Pan fry it with some minced garlic, add some baby peas and an egg, and you've got yourself a meal. And bad breath. But man, oh man, I sure felt my sodium level rising.

Any way, back to the chicken. Now, let me tell you that when I used to live in Hawaii full-time, my favorite kind of meat was chicken. In my opinion, Hawaii, or should I say Hilo, has got THE BEST chicken out there. If you go to Hilo, go for the chicken. It's just so full of flavor, and a lot of it is fried (but that's what makes it so good in the first place). I don't know what happened when I came up to Seattle, but I have not found a decent place that has great chicken (with the exception of Ezell's, but then again, Hilo's chicken is still way better)...and so that is when my favorite meat turned into, what was it...pork? I think so.

Now, because I only had a few days to spend in Hilo, eating at all of the chicken places was impossible, but I was at least able to eat at three really good places:

1. Miyo's (SESAME CHICKEN)- This is the perfect place to go to for little high school reunions. And that is exactly what I did on the Saturday while I was in Hilo. That day, I went out to lunch with Tara, Jackie, and Brandy, three good friends of mine that I went to high school with. We talked a lot, we laughed a lot, we took lots of pictures, but most importantly, we ate a lot. This sesame chicken...oh this chicken...I don't what kind of batter they use when they fry it, but when you bite into it, the fried parts are so light and crispy, and not oily at all. Sure, it has a kind of sesame sauce all over it, but I think it's what makes the chicken even more moist and yummy. Makes me realize how good the old days used to be...I miss it a lot. The friends, the food, the atmosphere, the lack of real responsibility...but I also would be lying if I said that I didn't love the life that I have now.

2. Blane's (BONELESS CHICKEN)- I remember eating this chicken at my sweet sixteen birthday party. That's how good this chicken is. And I remember coming out of the swimming pool to grab a piece of chicken every so often, and then I would jump back into the pool to continue swimming (yes, I know, I shouldn't be swimming after I've eaten something, but I'm still alive, aren't I? And I still have my appendix!). So on Saturday night, my mom asks me what I want to eat for dinner, and I suggest Blane's chicken. "How many pieces should I order?" she asks me. Me, thinking that these pieces are pretty small (it's been awhile since I've eaten them, so how would I know?) say, "30 pieces?" My mom leaves to pick up the chicken, and when she comes back, she walks through the door holding this HUGE platter that could probably feed a family of 8 people! And it was just me, my mom, and Colin. I guess the chicken was not as small as I thought. Now, just because the chicken was boneless, does not mean that it was skinless. Because those bad boys were fried to the bone. Okay, not the bone because it was boneless, but to the flesh. The meat. Fried chicken is not very good unless you have the skin on. (I feel like I'm talking like a savage...haha.) And It was oily and so delicious.

3. One Plus One Cafe (GINGER CHICKEN)- Now I'll be honest with you. I used to hate ginger. I kind of still do. Have you ever tried ginger ice cream? It left a scaring taste memory in my brain and I vowed never to eat ginger again. But then one night, a long time ago, I tried this dish called ginger chicken (I think my mother may have forced me somehow) and loved it, and to this day, this is the only ginger dish I will agree to eat. So naturally, I had to eat it when I went back to Hilo. This dish is typically served cold...the chicken is boiled...but what makes this dish so spectacular is the ginger-garlic topping that is served on top. Mmmm, my mouth is watering right now while I'm typing about all this food...or maybe it's a side effect from eating too much SPAM and now my dehydrated body is trying to replenish itself by making my mouth water...I don't know, I'm not a doctor. But I do consider myself an expert when it comes to food. If you like ginger and garlic, this dish would be perfect for you. It's a little bit on the salty side, but that is typical I think, and it really gives a lot of flavor. Again, another bad breath dish. My family and I ate this chicken at my cousin Gerry Sann's second birthday dinner on Sunday.

It's hard to say which one out of the three is the best, because they are all so uniquely different and good. And besides, there are a few more chicken places that I haven't mentioned that are also really good. I even have to say that the KFC in Hilo is even better than the KFC in Seattle! So when I go back to Hilo again, I will be sure to try the other chicken places, and I will let you know.