Toulouse Petit...Tou-tight Grande

By the end of my final exams, I needed to get out. I needed to celebrate. But it was a Tuesday, and no one else had finished their exams but me. Allison, my roommate, came into my room that night and was wondering what I was doing in bed. And I was like, I have no choice. Everyone is studying. So I waited for one day. And then it was Wednesday. By then, a lot of my friends had finished their final exams too, and we decided that we were going to have a multi-day celebration.

It all started on Wednesday at Toulouse Petit. I came across this restaurant because apparently, it is one of the top ten best new restaurants in the nation according to Gayot and And...and, get this...they have over 70 items on their happy hour menu! You can even get dessert during happy hour! You never see that anywhere!

So, Allison, our friend Janet, and I got dolled up and headed over to Toulouse Petit for their late night happy hour. (Colleen joined us later on.) We were surprised to see that it was actually a little crowded, but we had no problem getting a table at the bar. The place had a really good atmosphere...good crowd...perfect for date night or a night out with the girls.

We were immediately overwhelmed with the items on the the least we could do in the meantime was order a drink. I had a Madame Toulouse '76, a cocktail that consisted of grapefruit, sparkling wine, peach puree, and honey. It was the perfect drink to end finals and to kick start a weekend of celebrating.

We ultimately decided that splitting several items would be the best idea. And let me tell you, we got a lot of food. Let me introduce them to you (while simultaneously making you drool at the computer screen...heehee):

Toulouse Beef Sliders--basically a fancier way of saying cute, tiny, little burgerettes. Sure, they're a little plain to look at, but they were pretty damn good. The beef was so juicy and tender. (I apologize for the poorish quality of these pictures. Allison was too embarrassed to put the flash on.)

Pomme Frites with Aioli--in other words, french fries. Quite delicious, and it complimented the food that we got very well.

Fried Chicken with Tasso-Black Pepper Gravy--now this was the money dish. Even with the sauce drizzled, or shall I say poured all over the top, the chicken was still so light and crispy! I could probably eat 10 plates of this stuff. Definitely order this if you eat here.

Shrimp & Chicken Jambalaya (not pictured, sorry)--this was also very delicious, but beware, it was SPICY! For me, it was like burn your mouth spicy, but still manageable, and still good enough to want more.

I will say though, that the portions of these dishes were quite small. So keep that in mind. Splitting one happy hour menu among four people is probably not a good idea, unless you don't mind having only one bite (except for the fries).

Now onto dessert:

White chocolate bread pudding--I love anything that has white chocolate, as it is my favorite type of chocolate (and yes, I know, it's not really chocolate). So this was very delicious.

Pear-Hazelnut Frangipane Tart--this kind of reminds me of a pecan pie, except with hazelnuts and pear. Also very delicious, but I think I prefer the bread pudding. I'm more of a cake than a nut pie kind of person.

Overall, a very good drink, a very good meal, very good company and a very good night. At the end of the night, my stomach was not petit, but grande, and my jeans were tou-tight. :)

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