Seafood Finally!

I will be completely honest with you. I love seafood. A lot. But then again, I love to eat everything. Except for bitter melon. (There is a really funny story that goes with that, but maybe later. Right now I'm talking about seafood.) Any way, it's really surprising how so many people that I know don't like to eat seafood! And we're in Seattle! In fact, a lot of my friends are picky eaters! It's hard to keep track of who likes what, who hates what, etc. Me? I used to be pretty picky when I was a lot younger, but now, if you put a plate of food in front of me without telling me what's in it, I'll most likely eat it.

Last Wednesday was Thien-Y's birthday and she decided to have the first part of her birthday celebration at the Crab Pot, a pretty good restaurant at the pier that is very well known for their seafood, as well as their strawberry rhubarb cake. Finally! Someone who likes to eat seafood! And by that I mean most if not all types of seafood!

What's so great about this restaurant is that they have this option on their menu called the basically order a whole bunch of seafood, (crab, shrimp, clams, mussels, sausage, corn on the cob, potatoes...things like that), and the waiters come out with a bucket and dump all of that seafood on the table. And all that you're given is a mallet, a big bib, and roll of paper towel. No forks (well, just a tiny one for the crab), no knives, nothing. To put things in simple terms, you get to eat like a savage!

That was exactly what we ordered at the Crab Pot. The Westport Seafeast. Best of all, it comes with butter. Lots and lots of melted butter. "You can never use too much butter," is what I like to say. Unless you're Paula Deen of course. There is nothing like spending time with friends while pounding away at the crab, with shells flying everywhere, lemon juice squirting in all directions, and fingers greasy from dipping everything in butter. (At least that's what I did...who knew that squirting clams with lemon juice and then dipping them in butter could make such a huge difference?)

Any way, I was really glad that I finally got to eat there after almost four years. The last time I ate there was when my parents came up to help me move into the dorms during my freshman year of college. And I've been really wanting to go there to eat, but sadly, no one wanted to go with me. Because lots of people hate seafood. :(

I couldn't stay for dessert because I had to go to work (and I was really full too) that day. But Thien-Y was nice enough to bring me what was left of the strawberry rhubarb cake, which was also really really delicious.

So to all the seafood lovers out there, if you're looking for a good place to eat, the Crab Pot is a great place to long as you don't mind getting your hands a little dirty. :)

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