Oh Russell Peters, how could you do this to me?

I've waited for this night for a really long time. On June 12, Russell Peters came to Seattle at the Paramount Theatre. For those of you who don't know who he is, he is this pretty famous stand-up comedian who is known for making fun of different races. When I say it like that, it sounds a little offensive, but it's all for fun. Get a sense of humor. Lighten up.

So, when I first heard that he was coming to Seattle, I was really excited. Too excited. And I was determined to get tickets to see his show. Sometime in February, the tickets finally went on sale. Literally, the minute they went on sale at 10:00 AM, I immediately called tickets.com and placed an order. I remember that day, I had a PChem exam, and I remember walking to the exam with the phone in one hand, and a credit card in the other. I know, that sounds ridiculous, but I was desperate to get good seats. And it paid off, because I did get good seats. I got great seats! I probably would be able to feel the spit coming out of his mouth! Ewww.

So, the months went by, and then June 12 finally came. I decided to take my friend, Thien-Y, with me as a birthday gift to her. So we got dressed up really nicely...not too casual, but not to formal either. We both decided to wear skinny jeans, a blazer, and cute high heeled shoes (both peep-toed). Sure, we did dress very similarly, but they were all different colors, so it didn't look tacky at all. We looked very cute and sexy, but classy. To simplify things, we looked really nice. And I say this with a lot emphasis.

So we are dressed up and ready to go, and we get to the Paramount Theatre in no time. We eagerly enter the big glass doors and hand over our tickets. However, and I say this with deep sorrow, however, we could not go in. After they scanned our tickets, they ask us to see customer service. So we are pulled aside by this huge guy wearing black (let's call him Bob...that is not his real name); he takes our tickets and brings them into this office. We are waiting patiently and nervously in the corner for several minutes, all the while listening to other people who are unable to get into the show because they had showed up on the wrong day. (I guess the tickets that they had were for Friday's show, not Saturday's show.) Thien-Y and I immediately get nervous, and are praying that that did not happen to us.

Well, after waiting for what seemed like an eternity, Bob comes out from the office and asks me if they could see my driver's license and credit card that I used to purchase the tickets. I nervously give them to him, and he goes back inside the office for another eternity. Then, this lady comes out of the office, and do you know what she said to me? She told me that my tickets had been canceled and that they were not valid!!! WTF?! I did not cancel those tickets! Nor did I authorize anybody to cancel them! Nor did I receive any notification that my order had been canceled! And I tried to reason with her and explain to her that it wasn't me, nor was it my fault, and all she said back was, I'm sorry, but there is nothing that we can do to accommodate you, you cannot see the show because it is completely sold out...there is nothing we can do.

By then, I was furious. Very angry. Seeing me angry is quite a rare event, and not many people can say that they've seen me mad. But I was mad. And humiliated. I felt so bad, because I've taken my friend, Thien-Y, with me to see the show as a birthday gift, and we show up and are embarrassed because we can't see the show. And what's worse, we have to exit the theatre, while everyone else is walking into the theatre. Shit.

So during the car ride home, I'm just bitching to Thien-Y and cursing and yelling and venting (bless her for putting up with me that night), and we get back to my apartment and I immediately call Customer Service. I explain to the lady with the sweet voice what had just happened, and they put me on hold for what seems like another eternity. The lady with the sweet voice comes on the line again, and she says to me...We had accidentally canceled your tickets. We were supposed to cancel someone else's order but we canceled yours instead. WTF?! And nobody cared to notify me about this huge mistake? Not even a "I'm sorry but we canceled your order...would you like to reorder those tickets?" And all the lady could say was, there is nothing that we can do to compensate you, we cannot give you tickets to see a different show, blah blah blah blah bullshit. Bullshit! But I did get those tickets refunded at least. But still!


tickets.com, beware, because I'm not through with you yet.

As for Russell Peters, I really hope that you come back to Seattle someday...and when you do, I will buy tickets to see you and I will check every week to make sure that those tickets will not be canceled.

After that little ordeal, Thien-Y and I went to Pam's Kitchen for a huge cheer-me-up meal and a strong cheer-me-up drink. And they were both good. Very good. But Pam's Kitchen is another story. I'll save it for another blog post.