Nothing to do? Go to Cafe Besalu!

This is my third post tonight...can I do it? I think so. It's only 10:18 PM. And it's Thursday night, and I've got no plans. I swear I'm not a loser. But I did tell you that I was really behind on the blog writing. So I might as well do it now while I'm still in the mood, because who knows when will be the next time I decide to come on here.

So any way, flash forward to Thursday morning, the night after Toulouse Petit's late happy hour, and for the first time, Allison and I have absolutely nothing to do! Finally! Freedom from thinking! Literally! Well, Allison is starting to pack her things (we'll be moving up two floors in September), but she still hasn't eaten breakfast yet. So I propose a quick breakfast at Cafe Besalu, a supposedly really good place to eat breakfast. They only serve pastries and things like that, and quiches too, but I've heard really good things about it.

Cafe Besalu is in Ballard...the name Ballard instantly makes me think of Cupcake Royale, but I won't go there...

It's a cute little place. It's only open from Wednesday to Sunday, but when we were there, there was a long line, and it was pretty packed. We were really lucky to get a table, and there weren't many tables to begin with. Our breakfast was simple, yet delicious. We each ate a strawberry pastry type thing...I'm so sorry, I'm having a really hard time remembering the name of the pastry! But I'll describe it to you. It's like a croissant type of pastry, and as you can see, there are strawberries on the top, and underneath that, there is a thin layer of custard cream.The name is at the tip of my tongue! I'm so sorry!

I also had a non-fat chai tea to go with my nameless strawberry pastry. It was a very good chai. A lot of times when I order a chai, they are too sweet! Not this chai. This chai was very spicy...perhaps a bit too spicy, but it felt really good going down my throat, especially since I was getting over a little cold.

Overall, it was an excellent place to have a light-ish breakfast. When I think of Ballard now, I won't just think of Cupcake Royale, but also Cafe Besalu.

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