Breakfast Happy Hour? Yes, they do exist.

I love happy hour. Cheap drinks and cheap food. The key word here is cheap. Something that I've always wanted to do for a really long time is to get really dressed up in business attire, go to a classy lounge, pretend like I'm some kind of serious big shot career woman, and get a handsome guy to buy me a drink. Hahaha. I wish. Maybe in my dreams...or maybe in the future? Who knows? But I'm getting completely side-tracked here. There was no point to that little side fantasy. Just that happy hour kind of reminds me of that scenario.

Any way, the point is, with happy hour, you either have to go late in the afternoon or late in the evening. So, in my case, that would be sometime after class (meaning I skip working out) or during a late night study break. I would really like to keep my workouts, especially since I've been eating a lot lately, and I've been slowly turning into an old woman by going to bed earlier (my roommate Allison can vouch for that). Ahhh, but there is a solution: happy hour at breakfast!

We return to the scene of the crime, Toulouse Petit. Now, I have talked about this restaurant a few blogs ago, in Toulouse Petit...Tou-tight Grande, when I went to their late night happy hour. Apparently, Toulouse Petit even has a happy hour at breakfast on the weekdays...meaning...that everything on their menu is $6! Wowza! Since I still have a few days of vacation before Summer Quarter starts, Colleen and I decide to head over for some breakfast. (She is one my go to gals for trying out different places...I think you'll be hearing about her quite a bit.) This is what we ate:

We decided to share the Toulouse Beignets because we've heard a lot of good things about them. Sweet, crunchy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, kind of like doughnuts but not really. And now I can confidently say that the other people who were recommending this were right. They were good. And you should get them too if you come here for breakfast.

For her main breakfast dish, Colleen ordered the "Big Easy" Andouille Scramble. She always orders the good stuff. It was really good. Good chunks of sausage, bell peppers, eggs, potatoes, and some kind of pepper gravy. I was always picking food off of her plate. (People who know me well know that I do this a lot.)

For myself, I decided to order something sweet. I have such a huge sweet tooth. I got these "Bananas Foster" Pancakes, with candied pecans and pecan butter. Also very delicious. The name of the dish explains it all. Bananas. Pancakes. Pecans. Yum. But I will be honest, after awhile, things just got too sweet; I think it was because of the sweet beignets. Nevertheless it was still good.

Toulouse Petit definitely has my stamp of approval...not only for their evening meals, but for their breakfasts too. And I definitely will be back again...they've got a million things on their menu after all!

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