2014 Family Holiday Card

With our wedding just around the corner, (Yes! We're engaged!), I wanted to do something really romantic for our 2014 holiday card. I thought to myself, why not do something really lovey dovey now, while we're still engaged and can still get away with it, (without being judged too harshly), right?

Here's what we sent to all of our close friends and family--

Couples Christmas Card

Isn't it adorable, or what? ;) Our amazing holiday photos were taken by none other than Brooke Yannucci of Brooke Whitney Photography. Brooke was such a pleasure to work with--I had explained to her in advance the kind of vision I had for our holiday card, and not only did she take take my requests into consideration, but she also had some great ideas of her own that helped portray our love story.

And of course, we couldn't forget Mr. Smooth himself, our little Snack Pack.

Snack Pack the Bichon

While he loved being outdoors and around us, (as usual), there were times where all he wanted to do was play with all of his other puppy friends!

Couple Christmas Card

Gosh! That face!

Couple Christmas Card

For our look, I decided to keep things simple and casual--we had these photos taken at Brookhaven Park, so I didn't want to go too formal as far as attire went. I did have my makeup done by Khadija DeShong at Blushbaby Makeup Studio, however, because I discovered from last year's holiday photo session that the photographer's flash completely washed out my complexion! I learned that when it comes to photography/video makeup, a bit more makeup is applied than usual, and because I'm not 100% comfortable with applying more makeup than I need, nor did I know how much makeup to apply, I just left it to the pros. (Just a little tip if you plan on having your holiday cards (or any of cards) shot by a professional photographer.)

Happy Holidays from Caroline, Ruben, and Snack Pack!