Sugar High

Although I am notorious for having an enormous sweet tooth, it isn't very often that I bake/keep desserts at home. (Ruben is not a big fan of sweets.) Of course, over time, the lack of sweets and baked goods in my home has left me feeling a little like this:


And so you could just imagine how excited I was when I received an invitation to help celebrate Mae's Bakery's first year anniversary. Not only would I get the chance to try out a new bakery, but I'd also have the opportunity to do a little bit of networking, all the while getting to eat delectable goodies like these bad boys right here.


Whoever said that dessert comes after dinner was completely misunderstood.


The attendees, (which consisted of mostly bloggers & food editors), were also treated to a little coffee sampling by Mae's Bakery's coffee supplier, Counter Culture Coffee. Now I know these are just the coffee beans, but their coffee was pretty good. (It's mild enough to drink black!) And that's a lot coming from someone who lived in Seattle for six years, and for someone who usually doesn't drink coffee!


When the party was over, I can honestly say that I had my first sugar high (and maybe coffee too) in a really long time. And it felt good. REAL good.

Have you ever eaten at Mae's Bakery? What do you like to order? 

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