She Goes Camping

Happy Friday everyone! Just wanted to share with you some of the pictures from my camping trip at Lake Cushman in Hoodsport, Washington. 


Because there were so many of us, (there were about 30 of us!), we decided to stay away from the official campsite--away from the cabins, people, and more importantly, BATHROOMS--and opted for a secluded unmarked spot deep into the forest.


Of course, being so far away from civilization (*cough* BATHROOMS *cough*) was a bit unsettling for most of the ladies on the trip, but not to worry! The men created a "toilet" just for us! (Toilet paper and shovel not included in the picture.)


Over the course of five (long) days, I had to find ways to entertain myself, given the fact that reception/internet was pretty much nonexistent. So I got a little resourceful and did other things like...

...chop wood...


...swim in the lake (for the very first time I might add)... 


...and 'cocktail' with the ladies. ALL DAY LONG.


Ruben and I also got to do a little bit of kayking, all the while soaking in Washington's gorgeous scenery.


Not to mention I ate. A LOT. What else was I supposed to do?


But my favorite part of the trip? Sitting around the campfire with everyone, teaching the kids how to make S'moreos, telling each other stories and laughing, and just hanging out with the family.


So after five days, two packs of baby wipes, two camping chair converted toilets, one heavy rainstorm, and zero mosquito bites later, (Natrapel is a GODSEND!), I can confidently say that I am now a camper!

Now for the million dollar question: Would I ever go camping again?

I'll have to think about it.

Have a wonder Labor Day weekend!