The Last Breakfast

The morning of Ruben's annual family camping trip, my love and I decided to go out for a nice breakfast before meeting up with his family in Tacoma. To him, this was just another breakfast, another meal. To me, this was my last chance to truly appreciate and take advantage of civilization--furniture, clean bathrooms, electricity, and the internet (namely Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter). After seeing several good reviews on Yelp, we decided to try Poverty Bay Cafe, a cute little breakfast joint in Federal Way.

Have you ever heard of 'white coffee'? Apparently, it's when coffee beans are roasted to the yellow roast level and then prepared as espresso, producing an "almost white" brew. It's nuttier in flavor, not bitter AT ALL, contains a higher caffeine content than regular coffee, and the best part is...Poverty Bay has it! I swear, if this stuff was available everywhere, I'd never drink dark roasted coffee ever again!


For breakfast, I decided to go with something a little more hearty and substantial than my preferred sweet pastries--Corned Beef Hash. I figured, if this is going to be my last good meal for the next five days, I'd better make it a really good one! And a good one it was--it was simple, yet flavorful and very filling. But you know what could have made it even better? MORE corned beef.


But at any rate, the food and drink did its job. It kept me full and satisfied up until it was time for dinner. What more could you ask for?

Have you ever been to Poverty Bay Cafe? What are some other breakfast spots you like to frequent in Federal Way? 

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