Pizza Time

Whenever I cook, I always tend to make enough food to last Ruben and I a few dinners. Eating the same thing for three or four days straight has never really bothered me--in college, I lived by myself most of the time, and when you cook a lot of food for one person, often times you end up eating the same thing for a few days so that it doesn't go bad. Plus, it saves you a lot of time from having to cook every single day. Ruben, on the other hand, prefers variety in his meals and gets bored with food pretty easily. After two days of eating Vietnamese caramelized pork ribs, (which were oh-so-good BTW), he asked me if we could eat something else for dinner. My response: "Sure, but I'm not cooking tonight." To my surprise, he asked me if we could go to Antico Pizza. Of course we can go to Antico Pizza! Now, haven't been to a lot of pizza establishments in Atlanta, but this place is by far my favorite!

Between the two of us, we shared the Capricciosa Pizza, topped with mushroom, artichoke, prosciutto cotto, and bufala....

Capricciosa.JPG well as the Diavola Pizza, which was loaded with sopressata, pepperonata, and bufala. Definitely a lot more pizza than two people can handle, but we bought more with the intention of enjoying it as leftovers the next day. (Which works for me--it just means I won't have to cook for another day!)


And for dessert, an Amaretti Cannoli! Rich, delicious, creamy, and the best part of any meal (in my opinion)! Though I must say that the pizza was to die for as well. I ate way more than my stomach could handle!


Have you ever eaten at Antico Pizza? Where do you like to get your pizza in Atlanta?

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