The Maiedae Mixer

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I, for one, definitely did. This past Saturday, I drove all the way to Rome, Georgia to attend the Maiedae Mixer, my first blogger event EVER!

As a blogger, I cannot stress enough the importance of advertising, self-promotion and networking in order to gain a larger audience. (It's not just about the writing, you know!) The Maiedae Mixer was the perfect event to do just that--to network with other bloggers and to promote my own blog. I met all kinds of bloggers, from DIY bloggers to a woman who blogged her way to writing a book based on her blog. What I particularly liked, however, was that even though I spent a bit of time "doing business", the atmosphere was laid back enough to relax, hang out, and have a good time as well.

My favorite part of the event without a doubt had to be the floral crown making station. Perfect for an ethereal themed party!

photo 1(3).JPG

Here I am with Ashleigh from Hello! Upholstery + Blog donning our newly made floral crowns!

photo 3.PNG

Desserts anyone? There were definitely enough sweets to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings for at least a couple of weeks!

photo 2(3).JPG
photo 3(1).JPG
photo 4(1).JPG

And of course, what party would be complete without a Smilebooth!


Clearly my "Smilebooth" skills are in dire need of improving.

Although I wasn't able to stay for the entire event, (I had to take Ruben to work early the next morning), I'm so glad I went--not only did I meet a lot of amazing women who share the same passion for blogging like me, but now there are so many other blogs for me to support and follow! I'm definitely looking forward to the next Maiedae Mixer!