Lazy Mondays

Outside, it's thundering, raining, and just downright ugly. The refrigerator is empty, and while the freezer is stocked with a few pieces of meat, neither one of us feels like cooking or leaving the house to get some dinner. The solution? Delivery. Yup, it's one of those (lazy) nights. Just throw in a bottle of gin (and tonic) and a couple of Netflix movies, and you've got a date night at home!

On Monday night, we decided to order delivery from Buckhead Pizza Co. We figured it would be a step up from Pizza Hut. However, one and a half hours after waiting for our food, (they said that it would arrive within an hour), they were still a no show, and we didn't receive any word from them as to why it was taking so long. By then it was almost 10:30 PM, and I was already cranky from food deprivation. When Ruben called them about the status of our food, it turned out that they ended up canceling our order! A complete oversight on their part, they compensated us by giving %20 off of our order, as well as a $25 voucher to use for next time.

photo 3(2).JPG

Nearly two hours after we put in our original order, (and a heart-wrenching documentary about bullying later), they finally delivered the goods. Steak, caramelized onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and blue cheese. All on a pizza. It's got to be good then, right? Well, the pizza was a little soggy in the middle, and you couldn't taste any blue cheese, but it did come thin, which is how I usually like my pizza prepared.

photo 1(4).JPG

The chicken wings, on the other hand were good. REALLY GOOD. A lot better than the pizza in my opinion. If you ever order these bad boys, make sure to get them hot and extra crispy. Now, if only they delivered it with the ranch sauce that we also requested, it would've been perfection!

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Have you ever eaten Buckhead Pizza Co.'s food? What do you like to order? 

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